7 Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

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A dash cam can record some of today’s most eye-catching scenes, whether it’s a tire speeding over the road, a car in flames, or an asteroid crashing on the earth. Although these moments are fun, dash cam videos are most useful for documenting everyday road activities. Dash cams keep our highways even safer by recording important events, keeping an eye on bad drivers, stopping distracted driving practices, and also helping commercial fleet safety schemes.

Also, dash cams on commercial vehicles are one of the most desired road safety improvements, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Moreover, the Consumer Technology Association has estimated a 35 percent increase in dash cam sales by 2021. So, is it worth it for the company to invest in dash cams? Yes, without a doubt. For business fleets, dash cams are a very smart idea. Let’s look at why you would like a dash cam in your vehicle and what are its benefits.

1. Prevent Car Theft and Parking Accidents

Dash cams are equipped with features that automatically send alerts to the car owner in case of car theft or parking incident. For this purpose, a dash cam with motion detection capability is used that also has a secondary camera facing the interior of the car. The motion detection sensor abruptly triggers the video recording that not only helps you report to the police but also speeds up the process for an insurance claim.

A dash cam will capture everything if another car hits your vehicle in an attempt to make the turn, your car gets scratched just because someone was trying to park too close to it, or someone damages it in an attempt to break into the vehicle at any moment. In any case, you‘ll be able to examine the video clips and use some options to locate the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

Additionally, you can provide the same video evidence of the damage to your insurance company that can significantly help to minimize the repairing cost.

2. Don’t Get Distracted While Driving

Some of the common factors such as late-night driving, frequent orders and deliveries, and long-distance traveling make it impossible for drivers to keep a vigilant eye on the road. Thus, using an interior dash cam to record in-cab behaviors of the drivers is critical for tackling such issues and avoiding distractions.

Advanced dash cam features can help avoid distracted driving in real-time. In case of any safety incident like hard braking, the driver as well as the fleet manager are notified. The in-cab actions of the driver are clearly visible, as a result, he focuses fully on the road ahead. Furthermore, these transparent practices enable you to identify the whole chain of incidents that lead to an accident and offer coaching sessions to help drivers develop positive behavior.

3. Record Everything Automatically

Dash cams come with unique functions such as they turn on automatically and start capturing the footage, which is not available in any other forms of camera. While many of us may take such capabilities for granted, these are the most useful features and offer great convenience.

If you were to record the footage with any other type of device, you not only would have to mount it every time you got into your vehicle but also activate it and push the record button. It’s a major hassle because sometimes you may leave in a hurry and not have enough time for device setup, or you may even forget. It just takes one blunder to cost you a lot of money.

4. Get an Insurance Discount with a Dash Cam

Dash cams are useful to a lot of businesses. They assist drivers in developing better driving habits, reduce traffic collisions, and also rescue drivers from stressful situations. And thus, the insurance companies are now aware of the fact and providing discounts to the drivers that use dash cams in their vehicles.

A dash cam installed in your vehicle is now considered a preventive measure by some large insurance corporations. Therefore, they provide great insurance benefits and a discount of up to 15 percent if you have a dash cam in your car. These cameras can also save you from false insurance claims.

5. Simple Installation and Easy to Use

No technical knowledge is required for dash cam installation. The package includes a camera, a suction cup, a memory card, and a cable that connects it to a power source. Just locate the memory slot in the dash cam to place the memory card into it. Then attach the camera to the dashboard or windshield using the suction cup and connect it to the power source via the available cable. Now your dash cam is ready to capture the videos.

If you want to check the recorded videos, simply take out the memory card and insert it into your laptop or desktop to check the footage.

6. Loop Recording and G-Sensor Technology

Loop recording and G-sensor technology are some of the advanced features integrated into a dash cam. With loop recording, your camera just continues recording the footage without stopping. Simply put, it overwrites the oldest data with new data.

G-sensor technology, on the other hand, is a smart recording feature that tags the footage of a traffic incident and stores it into a separate memory space. This technology employs special sensors to detect collisions by observing the impact and force levels of an accident.

7. Parents can Easily Monitor their Kids

Dash cams are a great tool to check on your kids how they drive. It’s a must-have device for parents who allow their children to drive their car.

Moreover, a lot of dash cams these days are equipped with a GPS tracker, that allows you to verify where your children are going. You’ll be able to monitor their actions behind the wheel and if they obey the traffic rules. Also, you can check how fast they are driving with the speed tracking feature of the dash cam.

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