8 Most Common Repairs Needed After Car Accidents

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No one wants to get into accidents especially on the road. Car accidents are one of the most dangerous events around the world. Sadly, it is one of the most common things to happen while driving. Car accidents can happen due to simple reasons like an overlooked car or wall while backing up. It could also be caused by irresponsible driving – overspeeding and inattentiveness on the road.

In some cases, major accidents lead to bodily injuries. Aside from compromising your safety, accidents are also a hassle when it comes to your time, effort, and even money. Whether it is a minor or major accident, your time and energy will be consumed in settling disputes with other drivers involved.

It is possible that you are not hurt or injured after an accident, but for sure, your car would not leave unscathed. You will have to spend money and time to get your car fixed.

Here are some possible repairs your vehicle might need after getting involved in a car accident.


A paint job is something your car would definitely need after whatever type of accident. Whenever the surface of your car gets in contact with another car or another surface like a wall or post, the paintwork gets scratched, scraped, or chipped.

Depending on the extent of the damage, it is possible that scratches are removed through waxing and polishing. Scruffed paintwork can be repaired with a simple touch-up or repaint. However, if the paint is completely removed, there might be additional repair needed to be done before repainting the car.


If you are lucky, a paint job would just be the only repair you need. But most of the time, car accidents leave dents. Dents are this hollow bent spot on your car after a collision. Dent repairs depend on the size and location.

There are instances wherein the dent is easily reversed. A technician will only need to use a dent puller or stud welder to pull the hollow spot back to its original form.

Unfortunately, if the dent is big or almost inverted at a 90-degree angle, the frame would need to be replaced. There are also times where the dent will be located in an unusual part of the car like on a slim curve design of the car. When the dents are located in these kinds of areas, it will take more effort to fix them.

Frame Straightening

The frame of the car is like its foundation. It gives the car shape and support. Usually, car frame damage during major accidents. An extremely hard hit can bend the frame of the car.

This type of damage is one of the worst and would require extensive repair. It is not something you can forego and let be unlike with paint damages and dents. The frame is an integral part of the automobile that needs to be in perfect condition.

It will require car mechanics to assess the damage and quote the cost and determine how long before it gets fixed. Various methods and tools such as hydraulics and chains will be used to straighten the frame.

Glass Replacement

High impact collisions will cause windows to shatter. According to a car accident lawyer in Greenville SC, this is one of the common damages found in car accident cases. But technically, this is one of the simplest fixes.

Technicians will just remove the broken glass and replace it with a new one. However, a simple crack or scratch, no matter the size, will require the whole panel to be replaced.

It is important to replace broken windscreens or windows immediately. It is dangerous to drive especially on a highway with a broken windscreen.

Body Panel Replacement

As stated with dent problems, whenever the dent is not possible to be fixed through suction, the solution would be to replace the panel. Panel pertains to the parts of the car like the door, trunk, or hood.

Most cars today are designed to easily crumple on impact. This is to protect the passenger of the car. This means it is possible your car is more susceptible to getting extensive blows that are beyond repair.


Most of the hits are found or occurs in the corners of the car. This means that headlights are most likely to be broken. Thankfully, this is another repair that is easy to do. In some cases, the bulb would just be replaced. There are also cases where the whole headlight will be replaced.

Bumper Repairs

Bumpers are one of the car’s defenses. Once this is damaged your car will be protected less. It is vital that you visit your mechanic immediately if your bumper has issues. If you keep on driving with a loose or bent bumper, it will vibrate and worsen.

Bumper repairs are somehow similar to dent repairs. But this technique is only done if the damage is minor or relatively fixable. If it is too broken, it will be better to replace the whole bumper with a new one.


Getting hit on the side of the car can damage your car’s fender. The fender is the wheel well’s frame. Fender repairs are the same as bumper and dent repairs.

As much as possible you should be careful and avoid getting involved in car accidents. The repairs required after one are time-consuming and expensive. Whatever type of car crash you get into, may it be a fender bender, rear-end, or sideswipe car accident, you can expect that you will be needing at least some of these repairs.

These car repairs will vary based on the extent of the damage. Even the type and model of the car will affect the repairs. The cost and duration of these will also depend on the damages.

Please take note that it is important to get your car checked by a mechanic after a car accident to ensure that it is in good condition. It is not recommended for damages to be neglected and prolong its repair. You should fix major damages as soon as possible.

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