A Complete Guide To Go On A Road Trip To Colorado Mountains

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The picturesque landscapes and the climate well marked by the seasons make Colorado an ideal place for trips by car. However, when going on your own car, it is vital to get an extended car warranty to ensure that if you get into an accident or your car develops any mechanical fault you can get it repaired without any hassle or affected your budget.

For nature lovers, Colorado is a dream. You get to enjoy mountain trails, hot springs, canyons, cliffs, dunes and the Colorado River offer endless adventures. Culture enthusiasts, in turn, find several museums, historic districts, gastronomy and excellent shopping options. If you go on a road trip, you will pass through three must-see cities in the state, offering everything from experiences full of emotion to activities for the family.

Colorado Springs: mountains, energy and adventure

Naturally, when we say road trip we mean start driving from your home state to Colorado and for that we recommend you getting an extended car warranty. However, if you are planning to fly to the state then the other option you have for your road trip is car rental. You can rent a car at Denver International Airport (DEN) and drive 1.5h south to Colorado Springs or just drive all the way from your home. The choice is entirely yours, but the added convenience you get by driving your car cannot be replicated in rental car. Your rental car may also get affected and that’s again a hassle that can ruin your trip.

One of the major attractions for tourists in the USA is Colorado Springs. This region is popular for a reason as it Garden of Gods that offers not just a mesmerizing view of Pikes Peak but is also known because of its red sandstone rock formations. Pikes Peak is among the most visited mountains of the USA and this region of the country never sleeps. There’s something always happening there. Moreover, the best part of going on a road trip is that you can also explore various places that let you connect with the history namely World War II National Aviation Museum, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center and the US Air Force Academy.

Those looking for outdoor adventures can go on a 1,900-meter zip line along cliffs and through forests or go rafting down the Arkansas River in the Royal Gorge region. Take a car trip to explore the Garden of the Gods Park, fly over the city in a hot air balloon, go horseback riding in the Pike National forest and enjoy the three historic train journeys that cut through the region. To get your adrenaline pumping, book a jeep tour to the top of Pikes Peak and cycle down the mountain. The famous song “America the Beautiful” has been written after the author visited the place and got inspired by the magnificent views of the 4,300 meters long peak. There are several accommodation options in the region, such as ranches, bed & breakfasts, huts, glampings (luxurious camps) and some of the state’s finest hotels.

Salida: charming, affordable and ideal for families

The route from Colorado Springs to Salida follows the Arkansas River, famous among fishermen for its excellent trout supply. However, as part of your road trip planning make sure to check with your extended car warranty provider if they have any authorized repair shops in the area, just to be safe.

Salida has attractions for the whole family. It offers various water sports that is a major attraction for tourists and is situated on river banks. There are various companies that organize different activities for all levels of experience, such as stand-up, tubing, kayaking and rafting. For more experienced cyclists, the Monarch Crest Trail is a very challenging circuit at high altitudes that follows part of the North American Continental Divide. At more than 3,600 meters high, the scenery of the Rocky Mountains is spectacular. Another option for mountain biking, closer to the city, is the Arkansas Hills Trail Circuit. If you don’t like extreme sports, there are also several quieter activities.

Walk along the river or relax on the beach and then explore the downtown’s charming shops, art galleries, casual restaurants and many pubs. Salida has the Creative District certification from Colorado and it is the largest district in the state is right there. Moreover, you can easily find accommodation within your budgets that are close by to major tourist attractions including the hot springs of Salida. You can spend the night there before leaving for Grand Junction.

Grand Junction: a very different side of Colorado

In the off-winter months, take a trolley ride to climb Monarch Mountain when going to Grand Junction. At nearly 3,447 meters above, the wonderful views are just breathtaking. Grand Junction is located in a very fertile valley, with idyllic scenery and many outdoor attractions. Colorado National Monument is something you cannot miss to visit, which is generally compared to other great sites like Grand Mesa and others. Drive the 101 kilometers of the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway to take beautiful pictures of the alpine forests or more than 300 lakes and the Grand Valley. While crossing, it is still possible to practice hiking, mountain biking and fishing. Canoe on the lakes around Mesa Lakes Lodge. Back in the city, Grand Junction has several options for shopping, gastronomy, cultural attractions and public art facilities. Grand Junction is an ideal place to make it your last stop as after that you can head back to the airport or your home in your car.


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