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Automotive Hacking: An Act of Exploiting Car’s Software, Hardware, and Communication Systems with using Artificial Intelligence deliberately with an intention to cause threat.


Basically, these automobiles will be connected to its software and hardware with highly intensive computers. Which in effect, helps to control the overall automated control systems of the automobiles. These computers are known as E. C. U. – Electronic Control Units.

E.C.U. communicates with each other through multiple networks and Communication protocols. For example:-

  • Controller Area Network – C. A. N. for Vehicle Communication Networks like connections amongst Brake System and Engine of the vehicle

  • M. O. S. T – Media Oriented System Transport for infotainment systems such as the Modern Touch – Screen

  • FlexRay for high-speed vehicle component communications such as active suspensions and cruise data synchronizations.

Infotainment systems are those systems that provide the user-friendly experience to the user while providing them both entertainment and the information. There are also other systems that are integrated into the vehicle’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other automobile architectures.

Emergence of Research and Security

The integration of these computers and automated systems for communication among the devices and its software functions makes security a vulnerable concept. From the past few years, our researchers and scientists are indulging themselves in solving and developing such automobile software and protection walls with respect to preventing the hack into Automobiles.

Many attempts and experiments were done on Gigantic Brands in order to check vulnerability and highly technically strong AI systems of their respective brands. Brands such as Fiat, Tesla, General Motors, and many more were on the list of getting hacked to their automobiles software and hardware systems like doors, engines, etc.

The immense number of computer software and hardware in automobiles for controlling and transferring communications amongst the devices and other systems made them so vulnerable that the building of cyber security for the automobile has become a necessity. This cyber security is not likely to be confused with the security of any automotive. But is originated to prevent cyber attacks and hold control on such malicious activities.

Check the infographic below to know about the threats and other safety measure to safeguard your vehicle from cyber hacking.

Automotive Hacking Infographic

Infographic created by QC Collision

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