Car Tuning Tips – Top 3 Dos and Don’ts You Need to Pay Attention To

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When it comes to your car, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt strongly for it. It’s there for you when you have to go to places, it’s there for you through thick and thin. We might go as far as to say that your car is more than just a convenience and everybody would nod in agreement. This is why most of us feel strongly about maintaining and tuning up our rides to keep their performance smooth and at an all-time high.

Car Tuning Tips

When it comes to car tuning, it is best to conduct your own research as you don’t want to bust up something that’s already good. Sure you’d want to gun down the road with more power behind your wheels, not to mention, the way your ride looks, is a whole different level of cargasm. When you are off the deep end with your car modifications, you need to know that being patient is half the battle.

Do your homework to settle on the modifications you actually need. Put money aside for installations and equipment that are top-notch. Most importantly, find a professional automobile expert to tune up your car.

Another thing to be mindful of is car security. With all the upgrades you’ll make, you’d want to ensure that it remains safe from break-ins and theft. Be sure to add car accessories that do just that.

In any case, we have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind when you are planning to install some common updates in your ride.

Let’s take a look at some key car tuning tips!

Lighting Upgrades


Before you go ahead and light your car up, ensure that these are approved by the local by-laws and the Road Traffic Act. If not, you’ll find yourself with a ticket to pay for, not to mention, some lighting upgrades to get rid of.

Consult a reputable manufacturer for fancy car modification lightings. While you are at it, it would make sense to replace the essential bulb along with lights that flicker continuously. This might lead to wiring fires and melted wiring so better to nip the problem in the bud.

Be sure to check car forums for tips to install the lighting kit you want. Pay special attention to before and after pictures to get a good idea of what the end result should look like. See that you secure all the wiring and other components safely and use relays wherever possible.


Steer clear of cheap knock-off lighting kits as they are TROUBLE. You cannot expect these to function properly without causing an issue when the problem lies within. You might feel that you’re saving money with these but when you find yourself reinstalling, tweaking and tuning it all up constantly, you would regret not installing the better one right off the bat. What’s more, cheap car lighting upgrades drastically reduce your light performance and that can’t be good.

Exhaust System


Before you go ahead and install a brand new exhaust system, be sure to check car forums and youtube videos that are similar to what you have in mind. Look for a quality exhaust system kit that fits your ride perfectly without any smashing, bending or other alterations.

It is best to seek professional advice and help to get the exhaust kit installed. Be sure to check your local by-laws, the manufacturer’s website along with customer reviews to ensure that your new set of pipes is not only road legal but also high-quality. It shouldn’t defy noise regulations and emission rules.


Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap exhaust kit off eBay. These are, without a doubt, cheap knock-offs, fabricated god knows where and will 100% rust and wheeze after you drive it through the first winter.

Exhaust systems are made from steel unless you go for the cheap ones; those are made from tin which means the metal will fold like a cheap suit. Additionally, don’t try to DIY exhaust system installation, unless you have a knack for mechanics along with a significant amount of patience.

If you do a shoddy job of installing your exhaust system, it will turn into a bawling baby in no time. A proper exhaust shop will have the necessary equipment, not to mention, the expertise and skill-set to get the job done well as opposed to your mate’s makeshift garage.

Cutting a Hole In Your Hood


Okay, there are a lot of concerns with this specific modification but if you are all for it, make sure you do it right. As a rule of thumb, know that cutting a hole in your car’s hood is ill-advised. While cutting a hole in your hood can be illegal (depending on where you stay), at times, you just have to find a way to make it work. You have to explore how you could make the supercharger fit snugly on the top mount.

We highly recommend seeking professional help to get this modification right. You’ll see how they use a fresh Sawzall blade to cut into the metal sheet. Also, if you decide to DIY this, know that wearing safety glasses and other safety gear is a must.

Car experts will be sure to take off your car’s hood to avoid cutting into the fuel line or taking out the coolant in the process.


If your ride has a supercharger sticking out of its hood, it is best to not drive it in the rain. It soaks up the water which enters the engine and we all know that engines don’t like getting drenched, not one bit. Unless you can shell out big bucks for engine remapping, steer clear of overcast skies and you should be good.

Last Words

All the upgrades mentioned above need professional help. If you wish to get it right from the start, it is best to do your research, find manufacturers that are credible, and install upgrades that come highly recommended. Don’t buy stuff off the internet blindly.

The moral of the story is, for exceptional car tuning and remapping, you have to spend the money!

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