Easy Car Modifications To Work On During The Pandemic

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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe, many of us have a bit more time to tackle the projects we’ve been putting off. There has never been a better time to spend a few hours in the garage, adding some of these easy modifications.

If you love to tinker with your car, there are plenty of inexpensive and simple upgrades that you can handle to help give your car more power or a much-needed style upgrade. If you are looking for ways to stay busy during quarantine, consider some of these modifications for the perfect project.

Whether you need to upgrade your brake pads, add a new air intake to increase power, or you want to make your ride more flashy by adding a halo lighting package, spending a few hours in the garage with your car is never time wasted for car enthusiasts.

Lighting Package

Bring your car into the future with a customized interior and exterior lighting package. These innovative LED lighting systems can give you a style that won’t be missed on the road. Choose a glowing undercarriage package to provide you with a futuristic look or install a set of halo lights to provide you with multiple colors for your headlights. Don’t forget to light up your car’s interior with a few well-placed LED light strips to make your cabin glow.


One of the easiest car upgrades is to put on a new set of rims. The style of your rims can change the whole look and style of your car. Turn your average sedan into a street-ready cruiser with just a few minutes of effort. Even if you have little to no experience working on your vehicle, you can put on a new set of aluminum rims without much fuss.


Nothing says luxury and style like adding some blacked-out windows on your car. Add an exclusive look to any ride with just a few hours of work. Follow the advice from an online window tinting tutorial to help you get the job done right. 

Window tinting has more advantages than just elevating the classiness of your car. You can get more privacy and security from tinting and protect you and your car interior from harmful UV rays.

Brake Pads

If you are looking to upgrade your car’s performance, improving your braking system is an easy and affordable solution. Replacing your stock brake pads with an upgrade is a simple procedure that can be done by any novice in just a few hours. 

Air Intake

An upgrade of your cold air intake can help you get a decent update on your horsepower. If you are looking for a bit more reaction under the pedal, an air intake upgrade is an easy and affordable project. If you have a bit of experience working on your motor, you will have no problem switching out your air intake. A few hours in the garage can help you keep your engine running cleaner and with more power.

Short Throw Shifter

If you have an older car, this project may take longer to complete, but it’s still reasonably easy to do yourself. A short-throw shifter substantially shortens the distance between the fulcrum point and the end of the shifter. This decrease in the length helps your car respond faster to your movements, giving you the feel of more power and control.

Interior Wraps

Some of the best upgrades to your car happen in the main cabin. The interior look and feel of your vehicle can significantly impact how you feel about driving. An interior wrap can be added to any dash and console quickly and can give you a completely different look and style. 

Wind Deflectors

These easy to install modifications can help improve the style and performance of your car. These deflectors are often called rain guards but work to make your vehicle more aerodynamic, reducing the amount of drag. Make sure that you talk to your dealer or purchase deflectors specifically designed to suit the make and model of your car. 

Headlight Covers

If you want to add a bit of style to the exterior of your car, a set of affordable headlight covers is an easy upgrade. These thin films can be placed over your headlights to give them a more fashionable and smoky appearance. The look can add a sleeker profile to your car and only take a few minutes to apply. 

Throttle Cable Adjustment

This quick and straightforward adjustment can make a big difference in how well your car performs. When you adjust your throttle cable, you can instantly improve your reaction times. Even car novices can easily tackle this modification by following an instructional YouTube video.

Seat Covers

Never underestimate how your comfort can add to your driving experience. Adding a set of luxury seat covers can change the look and feel of your car. Whether you choose a deeply padded or faux leather set of covers, they are easy enough for anyone to install in just minutes. Seat covers are a great way to cover up your older seats that might be showing some stains or natural wear. 

Car Wrapping

If you want to find something cheaper than a full paint job but just as effective, you can try adding a custom exterior wrap. You can wrap your whole car or just add some accents to spruce up your finish. You can add a wrap on your own if you have the patience and a dust-free environment in which to work. Choose from a rainbow of colors and effects that can give your car an entirely new look. 

The one advantage of being quarantined at home while we all ride out this pandemic has been more time to tackle the projects that we love. Now is the best time to try all your ideas. Get out in the garage today and try out some of these easy and affordable modifications so that you are ready for when you’re free to get out and hit the road.

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