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The world is changing at a rapid pace and conversations around green options are shaping the car industry. Modern electric cars are no longer just a preference, governments are offering grants for buyers to make the switch and the global electric vehicle market is now worth over $800 billion USD.

Many buyers are opting for EVs from a sustainability standpoint yet for others there are still questions about the overall safety of these vehicles. From standard Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids to Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Vehicles, all of these EVs use batteries that have had some high-profile safety issues. Recorded instances of explosions, overheating and even the complexities of battery charging have likely led to some trepidation. In an industry that works with emerging technology, it’s certainly understandable that there might be safety concerns for people buying and driving these vehicles.

Understanding road safety

Car safety means a few different things in terms of EVs and issues for consideration. There is some overlap between overall road safety, vehicle fallibility, and external factors, including pedestrians and the weather. Although conventional fuel cars have had largely the same technology for the last century, EVs are a relatively new industry and buying habits tend to show that people stick with what they know.

The EV vs. Conventional Car safety debate

In terms of safety, both EVs and conventional cars undergo rigorous testing before being released to the market. Stringent policies are adhered to in order to pass a car model as roadworthy and from there, regulations require annual checks to ensure a vehicle is still safe to be in use. Both EVs and conventional car manufacturers ‒‌ ‌many car companies now make a range of model types relying on electric, fuel, or hybrid power ‒‌ will have safety aspects that are approved specifically to the battery, motor, and infrastructure at play. Ultimately, safety is a nuanced topic, so LA Stretch developed this infographic that analyses EV safety and compares the major aspects of fire and collision risks of electric vs. conventional cars in thorough detail. Read on for the full resource and learn more about the key safety and product features to know about with EVs.

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