How To Install Training Wheels On Dirt Bike? Set Them Up On Your Own!

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Riding a dirt bike is adventurous and risky at the same time. Nowadays, dirt bikes have also become popular with kids. But as they are high speedy and balancing them is hard, so parents are quite skeptical about it.

But if you’re thinking of buying your son or daughter a dirt bike, you can use training wheels in them. This can come in handy in two ways. One is, this will help your child to learn to ride a dirt bike. And the other one is, training wheels provide safety.

Besides, training wheels can also be useful for adults if they are new to learning dirt bikes or riding one. So if you’re committed to buying training wheels, you need to know how to install training wheels on a dirt bike. Read this guide to know the benefits of training wheels and how to attach them to your bike.

Training Wheels on Dirt Bikes: Why Do You Need Them?

You’ll need to put training wheels on your child’s bike as soon as they learn to ride. These wheels will offer you peace of mind, knowing that your child will be able to ride the bike without falling or getting into an accident. Furthermore, these wheels instill confidence in your youngster when it comes to bicycling. Although mounting training wheels is very simple, you need to have the necessary tools.

A wheel that has been placed incorrectly is harmful not just to your child but also to everyone around them. However, if you properly install the training wheel, you may be assured that your children will be safe when riding a bicycle.

Children have had an easier time learning to ride a bike ever since the introduction of training wheels. This is due to the fact that the wheels assist them with balance while also minimizing the chance of falling.

How To Attach Training Wheels To A Bike

Installing a training wheel on your bike is easy with the proper tools. We say it’s easy because you don’t have to visit any mechanic and pay them to do this. Instead, this can be done in your own backyard.

Tools required to attach training wheels to a bike are:

  1. A wrench perfect for the dirt bike’s bolts
  2. Wrench
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Gloves
  5. Pliers (might be needed)

How to Install Training Wheels on Dirt Bike: 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

There are many training wheels in the market, and you can get confused. An ideal solution is to use universal training wheels for dirt bikes to get rid of that. The first step to install the training wheels is to loosen the rear wheels’ bolts.

To do so, you need to use your adjustable wrench and loosen them. Now use the other wrench to hold the bolt to prevent the moving of the wheel. After you’re done taking the nut out from the rear wheel, place it so that you don’t lose it.

Step 2

Take the training wheels and then align them with the hole from where you removed the bolts earlier.  When tightening the bolt, make sure the axle end has enough room to accommodate the training wheels as well as the removed nuts.

Step 3

After placing and aligning the training wheels, it’s time to reinstall the bolts again in the same place.  While reattaching the bolts, be careful to match the threads with them. Or they will not connect properly, and pressurizing them might break the hole.

Use the wrench to tighten the bolts properly. Be careful not to over-tighten them. Tightening them appropriately will give the training wheels a firm fitting. Transfer to the opposite side and mount another training wheel. Use the previous procedure to attach the other training wheel as well.

Step 4

After attaching the training wheels, next, you need to know how to adjust the training wheels. The ideal height should be between 5-10mm. This means, after using the training wheels, the bike should be at this height from the ground. This dimension may be estimated by putting clamps underneath the wheels. Doing this will guarantee that they are lifted uniformly from the base.

The clamp can be anything from a  wooden block or a uniform stone. Remember, they have to be uniformed and have to have the same height!

Step 5

Once you’ve determined the proper height for each training wheel, use the wrench to lock the nuts into position firmly. Lock the wheels by applying proper torque, which will result in tightening the wheels.

How To Adjust Training Wheels

As you learn how to install training wheels, it is critical to make subsequent changes based on your child’s development. It is recommended that you raise the ground clearance height to help your child’s riding and balance skills. Follow our training wheels installation instructions discussed above.

Follow the following things for making the adjustments-

  1. Check to see whether both wheels are fitted correctly.
  2. Place the bike on a clear, level area.
  3. You need to properly adjust ground clearance height by adjusting the rear wheel axels’ nuts.
  4. The more your child becomes older, the more you need to increase the distance of the training wheel and base. It will obviously depend on the child’s balance and moving abilities.

Last Words

When children become older, they develop an interest in biking. Unlike adults who have perfected balance and riding a bike, children are only getting started. As a result, they have a lot of difficulty riding their bikes.

Unfortunately, many children are involved in accidents and, in the worst-case scenario, suffer serious injuries due to their struggles. As a result, it’s critical to ensure your child’s bike is properly equipped with training wheels. So know how to install training wheels on a dirt bike and give your child a thrilling adventure!

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