How To Keep Your Truck Looking Brand New

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For some people, buying a new truck can be very exciting. The feeling of getting behind the wheel of your own vehicle is invigorating and indescribable. As such, you’ll certainly want to get a hold of that elated feeling for as long as possible. You can do this by keeping your truck looking brand new as long you can.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to keep your truck looking amazing and new:

Wash Your Truck Regularly

This task seems like an obvious vehicle maintenance tip, but you’ll be surprised at how many people choose to ignore it for as long as they can use their trucks for their daily driving needs. However, it’s important to know that getting your vehicle washed on a regular basis allows you to remove dirt, dust, grime, and many more that make it looking old and dirty. Hence, you should find time to do truck washing from time to time to improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. When you remove dirt, you can make it look and feel brand new.

To get started, be sure to remove the dirt that builds up in your windows and the lights. Also, don’t forget to clear the undercarriage since mud and other particles can accumulate and result in rust, corrosion, and other problems. When it comes to large stains that stick to your truck, such as dead bugs, be sure to wipe them off to prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint. Lastly, scrub the tires and hubcaps to eliminate mud that can easily build up there.

Apply A Layer Of Wax To Your Truck

While washing your truck on a regular basis can make a huge difference to your vehicle’s overall appearance, it’s also important to apply a layer of wax on the external surfaces to make it look brand new regardless of its age.

Aside from making it look and feel shiny, polishing your truck with wax can also help protect the paint against dirt, scratches, and even stains. However, when applying wax to the exterior part of your truck, be sure to use a small, soft brush that’s designed to bring back the radiant appearance of your vehicle.

On the other hand, when it comes to your truck bed, which is also exposed to all sorts of problems, such as rain, sun, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and many more, it’s essential to think about its protection. This is where the best truck bed liner comes to the rescue. By applying a liner, you’re able to protect the truck bed surface, as well as provide an elegant and fresh finish to your vehicle. Moreover, the liner can also help endure extreme weather conditions, resist scratching, and prevent rust, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of your truck.

Clean The Interior

While the appearance of your truck is closely linked to its exterior, it’s also important to maintain the interior through the use of interior car detailing. That’s because elements like dirt, dust, and more can still cause damage to the vehicle if ignored. For example, the leather will start to peel off and wear out as it’s being used from time to time. Also, if your truck has a detached roof, it allows a lot of dirt and other elements to get into it, eventually damaging the truck.

In such a case, it’s best to vacuum your vehicle’s interior regularly to remove all the dirt. Be sure to use floor mats to protect the floor against mud, as well as thoroughly wash the insides of the windows and windshields to improve visibility and your truck’s overall look. For the inner linings of your seats, using a spray detailer can help you keep them looking brand new.

Use The Truck Cover At All Times

Keeping your truck looking brand new doesn’t need to be difficult. For instance, you can use a truck cover to protect your vehicle from possible dirt, damage, extreme weather conditions, and other particles that can potentially accumulate in it. In addition, by covering your truck, you can also safeguard it from animals and insects that get into your vehicle.

Thus, if you have to park your truck outside, be sure to use a cover to make sure it won’t quickly look old and overused. If you have a larger truck, consider getting a customized cover, which is designed to cover everything and preserve the look of your vehicle.

Make Use Of Your Garage

Another effective way of keeping your truck looking brand new is to park it in the garage every day. By keeping your vehicle in the garage while being unused, you’re able to shield it from harmful elements that can make it look old and dirty. For instance, it can help protect your vehicle from falling tree limbs, extreme weather elements, and bird droppings, among many others.

However, if you’re planning to use your garage as a protection tool against elements, make sure it’s clean enough that you can access your truck without hitting things with the door. Also, refrain from stacking things up near the vehicle to ensure they’ll not fall and damage it.

Remember, by parking your truck in a garage can go a long way in keeping it looking brand new and fresh at all times.

Get Those Small Dents Removed

Typically, a new truck has no dents. Plus, the parts are new and the exterior paint is very shiny. However, when your vehicle incurs even small dents, these can certainly make your truck look old and smudged.

Because of this, it’s important to get those small dents removed as fast as you can. That way, you can help bring back the radiant look of your truck as if it looks like it just came off the dealer’s lot. In most cases, repairing minor dents from your truck can be an effective way to preserve its newness for a very long time.

Bottom Line

With the tips mentioned above, it’s always possible to keep your truck looking new inside and out for years to come. By preserving the radiant appearance of your vehicle, you’re also able to prolong its overall lifespan.


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