How Will 5G Benefit the Auto Industry? | Infographic

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As the rollout of 5G continues, its most memorable impacts may be felt in the auto industry. Everything from the production line to smart highways will benefit from this new technology.

So what is 5G, exactly? And what’s it got to do with cars? 

5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology. It’s rollout will allow virtually everyone and everything to connect together. Fast and reliable connection will allow billions of devices — everything from a smartphone to a car — to transmit data to each other in more places. The IoT (internet of things), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) will be enhanced thanks to 5G. 

5G also has lower latency than 4G — it can process data in almost 1 millisecond, and respond in less than 4 milliseconds. This low latency means that devices can send, process and react to data in real time, similar to how a human being would react. 

Up until now, fully autonomous vehicles weren’t a reality due to reaction times that made self-driving cars more dangerous than ones driven by humans. Now, 5G can make connected cars safer and reliable. Here’s how: 

Edge computing

5G’s edge computing advancements will allow data to be computed and stored closer to the device source, rather than transmitting data at a central location. This is what allows the technology to have lower latency, speeding up communication with other sensors and devices. 

Vehicle-to-everything communication

A combination of edge computing and more reliable internet connectivity on the go will make vehicle-to-everything communication possible. Sensors on other cars, streets, and even buildings can be transmitted to a vehicle so it can respond to nearby surroundings. 

HD road mapping

Another safety aspect that 5G makes possible is 5G road mapping. In order for autonomous vehicles to drive themselves safely, a reliable mapping system needs to be in place. This will give cars instant 3D access to roads so they can maintain situational awareness. 

To learn more about 5G’s impacts on the automotive industry, check out this infographic from The Zebra below: 

How 5G will benefit the auto industry
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