Is The Land Cruiser 78 Series a Comfortable Vehicle To Own?

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With an uprise in demand for people eyeing the 78 series of the Land Cruiser, there are many questions that have arisen which need to be clarified if this is the best choice for you. Given its powerful and utilitarian build, this powerhouse of a vehicle has some impressive features that you should know about. Aside from the technical specs, which you must also be aware of, how does the Land Cruiser 78 Series perform on the road? A car or SUV can be great, but is it the right one for your terrain and use? We’ll take a look at all such aspects in our blog today.

Body and Finish

The 78 Series Land Cruiser Long wheel base is designed to be a workhorse for rugged country roads and construction organizations where rough off-road paths are part of the daily activity. Hence, it should not be surprising that they have 10 models available.

On the exterior, there is not much to distinguish from the 78 Series. But your experienced sight may take note of the new grille and front light assemblies. Also, the boost in wheelbase and tray size is a substantial addition. You will also observe that the separate body panels have been reduced because of extra sections welded to increase the cabin’s strength.

Comfort and Space

Even though the 78 Series has come a long way in many of the comfort factors, the main design idea iis still focused on carrying heavy loads and still remains a substantially hard riding vehicle, especially when it is empty!

We can see the effort put into improving the driver’s and front seat’s support. They have thrown in longer seat cushions, spacious legroom, better padding, and additional lumbar support, which we’re sure the users will appreciate. The front passenger seat has space to seat two people, the center seating has just a single lap safety belt, and it can fit in probably a slim person for short distances.

The rear seat resembles a bench that can comfortably seat three adults to travel comfortably, you can make modifications to them as per your comfort. The passenger seat at the front can be shifted forward and swivels in a one-lever movement for access to the backseat.

The 78 series has a Spartan-like interior with a padded roof. However, the cross braces remain exposed. You will appreciate the vinyl floor coverings that avoid dirt and spill retention, making cleaning an easy task.

Behind the Wheel

The high driving stance offers the driver a great view of the terrain ahead, with a feel of command over the surroundings and immediate route. One improvement that we applaud is how light and easy the vehicle controls operate with. With the standard equipment integration of engine speed-sensitive power steering, a light clutch, four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes, gear lever operation, instruments, and controls that are well-positioned, the 78 Series has evolved into an easier car-like drive.

On the Road

The nature of this vehicle runs the manner in which it works on the road. The high center of gravity, narrow wheels and tires, and heavy-duty suspension,  all work against the ride and handling capability. Even with this kind of handicap, the vehicle performs impressively for a model of this kind.

The transmission is amazing to use with the ratios ideally matched to its engine’s operations. Although reaching a cruising speed of 110 km/h or higher is a cakewalk, the happiest this vehicle stays is at about 100 km/h on open roads.

The heavy suspension helps as the occupants can expect a firm ride without being thrown around or worry about back pains. The utilitarian character is highlighted by its rattles at the rear-side trims, its common harshness, and the vibration felt through the drivetrain and chassis. The half payload has done a good job to soften the ride a bit with reduced bouncing.


These kinds of vehicles were brought to the country terrain for their off-road expertise. Hence, it is not a surprise that their execution of off-road travel is highly impressive. The part-time four-wheel-drive operation can be chosen by manually engaging the front wheel hubs before you move the short selector lever, beside the gear lever, and towards the rear to accommodate drive to all the four wheels in high range. A short maneuver to the right can neutralize the transfer gears while moving fully to the right chooses a low-range four-wheel drive.

High ground clearance is an advantage to the Land Cruiser’s 78 series, helping it travel over obstacles that would hinder a lot of off-road drivers.

The 78 Series models are great all-around drives in off-road terrains, with its vulnerable aspects being tire adhesion and also restrictions in suspension travel.

Servicing Duration and Ease

The driver of the 78 Series vehicles will need easily available help with serviceable items, especially in its engine compartment. The under-bonnet access is great and will not disappoint any of the people who buy this series. The service intervals have been set to 6213.712 miles (10,000 km) or bi-monthly, with a manufacturer’s warranty for 62137.119 miles (100,000 km) or three years

Towing Capacity

The 78 series make stowing large and heavy-duty trailers like a braked trailer and 750 kg for one without brakes easy. While the maximum trailer weight is not completely off the target, it will affect the on-road speed and utility. A 2000 kg trailer would be a better option for this model. Toyota has put a maximum towing capacity of 3500 kg for the 78 Series tow vehicles.

Last Words

The Land Cruiser Long 78 makes part of the workhorse section in the range and can make a fairly great purchase for those looking to use it for both on and off-road experiences. With good all-over specs that have added more comfort to the driver as well as passengers and easy serviceability, you can expect value for money from this buy and enjoy its utility for a long time in the future.

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