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So, your vehicle appears to be in excellent condition.

For some car owners, that would be an excuse to skip tune ups, even when their vehicle is already up for one.

However, unlike a car audio installation, which can be done whenever you feel like it, a car tune up must be performed at regular intervals, even when you don’t want to.

Just because a car is running well even after its time for a tune up has come and gone doesn’t mean it will stay that way for long. It would only be a matter of time before it starts telling you how much it needs that tune up.

If you’re in the habit of skipping regular car tune ups, you will be running the risk of your car stalling at some point in the future. Can you imagine the hassle if something like that happens while you’re on a freeway?

Failure to bring your car in for a tune up will also make you miss the opportunity to spot small problems before they become bigger and costlier to address.

A standard car tune up involves changing your oil, air filter, and spark plugs, all of which can help you get better gas mileage from your car. Skip it, and you’ll be stuck spending a lot more money on fuel than is necessary.

If you don’t want to experience the consequences of skipping car tune ups, then follow recommended maintenance schedules for your vehicle, whether put forth by the manufacturer or your trusted mechanic.

Check out the infographic below to know more about car tune ups.

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Lauren Bricks is the Content Specialist for Streetfighter Motorsports LLC, a family-operated car audio and accessory installation, sales and customization facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves cars and although she spends much of her week writing about them, she still finds the time to hop onto the second-hand Corvette convertible her dad gave her for her 25th birthday and drive to the countryside with the top down.

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