Safety Tips On Car Shipping During The Pandemic

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It could happen so that you need to take a car from one another over the long-distance during the pandemic. 

Luckily, the transporting services were considered essential, so you can easily use the help of professional car shippers to send your vehicle wherever. 

Yes, the shipping process can go stress–free during the pandemic. Below are some tips on how to get your car moved and stay safe.

Misconceptions About Shipping Your Car During A Pandemic

There are many misconceptions about the pandemic that are understandable but incorrect. For example, there is no evidence that road transport is more dangerous. 

Vehicles sent from abroad should be wiped with disinfectant inside and outside, but they should not be considered riskier than vehicles that travel only inside the country. 

The same applies to vehicles manufactured by foreign car manufacturers or those that rely heavily on foreign spare parts. All vehicles should be treated with the same care throughout the pandemic.

Shipping A Car During The Coronavirus

The government strongly recommended avoiding interaction with anybody and stay home when going out is not crucial and necessary.  But what about car transportation?

Entrusting car shipping to a professional does sound like a good plan because when moving a car on your own you cannot avoid stops and contact with people.

Below are some other tips for safety when transporting your car during a pandemic.

Tips For Shipping Your Vehicle Safely

If you choose to ship your vehicle for any reason, you must take some precautions in advance. However, there are a few tips that you should consider whether there is a pandemic or not.

Inquirer About Car Movers

You may know someone who has come across car delivery and can give you some practical tips. 

It could be useful to find information about road carriers at the Best Business Bureau and the Federal Office for Road Carrier Safety.

Compare The Costs 

The prices may be more competitive during a pandemic, and the number of shipping companies that can offer them may be less. 

Check Insurance Coverage

Regardless of the time, you should check your insurance policy to find out what insurance coverage you have and ask the transportation company about its liability coverage. 

Most reputable carriers will have coverage from $50,000 to $1,000,000, but it will not hurt to double-check.

Choose Your Location

A shipping company will usually contact you when it has an open-slot and an available truck that goes to its destination. Before the shipping company arrives, check to see if you have enough space outside or in the parking lot to load it. 

Also, you should find out where the company will leave your car when you arrive at your destination. Specifying the exact date, you will receive your car instead of agreeing to the window will cost more than some services. 

Note that shipping between two major cities can be cheaper than shipping between smaller cities. 

You must make sure that the location you choose is a safe and hygienic area that can prevent any disease transmission.

Preparing Your Car For Transport 

Preparing the vehicle for transport is the same as it used to be before the pandemic. 

Most importantly, you should make sure that the car is free from any sort of things that can bring damage. Also, make sure you have not left in the car anything valuable. 

Before Your Vehicle Gets Shipped

There are several things that you should consider before your car is shipped: 

Check Fluid Levels

It is advisable to leave the tank a quarter full to make the car as light as possible. Also, you should check the antifreeze level.

Wash And Clean Your Car Before Shipping

You should take your car to the car wash for thorough cleaning. It will allow you to check the car for damage before transporting it.

Inspect Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Before driving, carefully inspect the vehicle to ensure that you are aware of its condition. The initial inspection must also take place in your presence. 

You should take some photos as you can click on the pictures of the car to follow up on its condition as evidence.

It is also advisable to check the battery.

Remove Loose Parts Of The Vehicle

Check for removable parts such as the antenna and remove them. For removable parts such as spoilers, fog lights, and side mirrors, use a protective pouch to wrap them. Many vehicles have the option of folding the mirrors inwards and can have the antenna removed.

What To Consider During Drop Off

Sure we are all careful with interacting with people during the pandemic and communication with carriers is not an exception. Therefore, a good start would be to wear a mask.

Any protection would be better than nothing. Wearing an N95 mask is, of course, the best-case scenario. If you do not have such a mask, according to the CDC, you may make a cover using materials you have to make sure your nose and mouth are protected.

Exchanging Money And Documents

It is also advisable to leave anything you have to give to the carrier somewhere and let him pick it up to avoid hand-to-hand contact. 

And even so, after interacting with a carrier it is better to sanitize hands. 

Give Information On Your Vehicle’s Condition

When your car is picked up, the transporter must inspect it for any previous damage, scratches, or marks. You should give a carrier all the information about your car and its condition.

What To Consider When You Pickup Your Vehicle

Just as with giving a car away, it is better to use a mask, sanitizer when picking it up. Another idea to keep in mind, is that the car surface should better be cleaned thoroughly to make sure that the danger cannot come from your vehicle. 

Be sure to disinfect the doorknob, gearbox, and steering wheel: the parts of the car that you were probably touched. 

Finally, the car should be inspected after the delivery. 

To Sum Up

Concerns about whether or not it is possible to send a car during this time, often arise recently, so we turned to it. As we have seen, during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is safe to send a car. 

However, this requires some caution and preparation. After taking these precautions, the transportation process should be stress-free if you also take into account the tips that have been mentioned.

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