The 8 Most Essential Tools for a Home Workshop

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Knowing how to care for your tools and operate them properly is the first step in becoming a great craftsman. Some of these tools are indispensable, and you just have to have them around if you plan on working on different projects in your home workshop.

Of course, some of these tools will get used more often than others, but they all have good uses and are essential to take on a wide range of projects.

This post will take you through 8 tools and tell you how they are a must-add to your home workshop. We’ll also touch on the kind of tasks they can tackle for you.

1. Miter Saw

This classic power tool is one of the most versatile saws you can find. It is great for all kinds of woodcuts and is one of the most common saws you will find in any DIY woodworker garage.

They come with either 10-inch or 12-inch blades, and if you plan on taking on larger projects, you should spend a little extra on the larger blades. However, the 10 inch is great for making all kinds of cuts for smaller woodworking projects like doors, shelves, and cabinets.

2. Air Compressor

An air compressor is a useful tool for all kinds of simple projects, and there are plenty of attachments that you can use with an air compressor – like a nail gun, impact wrench, or any other pressurized tool.

You can even use an air compressor for merely cleaning sawdust off your workbench or filling up balloons very quickly. Or you can fill up your car’s tires and save some money when heading to the gas station.

Before you attach a tool, though, make sure to check the specs of your compressor, as the settings and requirements always differ per tool.

An air compressor also requires maintenance, so it’s a good idea to do a little research. That way, you will know what you need in case you need to fix up yours from time to time.

3. Rolling Workbench

A workbench is basically used for every task you do in your workshop, but no one seems to give it the attention it deserves. A rolling workbench is incredibly useful, and is something that you can even build yourself with the right materials (new job idea!).

You have the ability to move around with a rolling workbench anywhere in your workshop, so you always have the essential tools with you. It saves your floor from getting messy and will do wonders in keeping your back from giving out on you!

4. Clamps

You can never have enough clamps in your workshop. Plenty of people do not always have someone around to help hold pieces in place while working on a project, so plenty of clamps are absolutely necessary.

Clamps come in all different sizes, and most solo workshoppers could not imagine working without them. If you find good bulk deals on clamps, it is a great idea to stock up. That way, you will never run into the problem of having to ask for an extra pair of hands.

5. Electric Sander

If you are working with wood in your workshop, this tool is indispensable to keep around. You’re going to need to sand away some pieces of wood and get that nice finish on it more often than you think. An electric sander will save you many hours when compared to doing it by hand.

For electric sanders, it is crucial to get the right sandpaper. Cheap sandpaper will become useless quickly, and you’ll just find yourself back at the hardware store getting more before you know it. If possible and not too expensive, always stick with the paper of your sander manufacturer.

6. Oscillating Multi-Tool

The oscillating multi-tool is perfect for specialized work in small spaces. These tools are definitely not very powerful, but they are terrific for awkward jobs that larger tools can’t do (as they lack the necessary finesse).

Oscillating multi-tools are incredibly versatile, and usually come with all kinds of different attachments that can sand, drill, cut, and perform other types of applications.

7. Impact Driver and Cordless Drill

Maybe these should have gone to the number one spot, as almost any self-respecting DIY job needs something to be drilled. We’re not ranking our list in order, though, so here we are at number 7 with two tools that really go hand in hand.

Many people will only spring for the cordless drill, but if possible, get an impact driver as well. Impact drivers aren’t supposed to actually drill, which is a little confusing, but they are used for fastening screws, bolts, and nuts. They have a lot more torque than regular drills and make these kinds of jobs way easier than standard drills.

8. Shop Vacuum

Most people do not realize how essential a shop vacuum is until half of their shop is covered in dust and small materials. This causes all kinds of clutter and even makes it hard to breathe sometimes.

While it is important to keep your workspace clean, getting a shop vac will also save you a ton of time sweeping up dust. It will also save you money on buying an air filtration system for dust and small particles.


Hopefully, you’ve got some good ideas on how to stock up your home workshop and be ready to take on all the DIY tasks you’ve always dreamed of.

Just be sure to keep in mind that some of these power tools can be dangerous, and read up on the owner’s manual before you use them. Other than that, best of luck on all your projects and finding the right tools to get them done!

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