The Best Motorcycle Rides in Las Vegas

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Are you looking for something to do in Las Vegas that doesn’t involve the inside of a casino?

Well, you’re in luck if you decide to hop on a motorcycle and hit some of the unique scenery thrown up by the City That Never Sleeps and the surrounding desert landscape.

Whether you choose to rent a motorcycle in Las Vegas or you have your own iron horse, we’ve curated some of the best rides in the area as a healthy alternative to hitting the blackjack tables.

7 Best Motorcycle Rides in Las Vegas

1) Hoover Dam Loop

The Hoover Dam is a Vegas icon and heading there by motorcycle adds another layer of excitement to the road trip.

Looping around the dam gives you sweeping vistas of this historical landmark.

Located just 45 minutes from the Strip, head out to witness this marvel of modern engineering any time you want a change of scene and a blast of fresh air.

2) Mt. Charleston

If you head perhaps 30 miles outside Vegas proper, you’ll find a meandering mountain highway looping round Mt Charleston and affording views of a range of assorted mountain peaks.

For us, this road highlights the stark contrasts that liven up riding in this region. One minute you’re eating desert dust, the next you’re snaking right into the mountains of Nevada.

3) Oatman Arizona Run

Have you heard of Oatman, Arizona? If not, that’s no surprise. Once a bustling mining hub in Las Vegas, Oatman is now a tourist attraction along the iconic Route 66.

You won’t find any mining activity in the area now, but the town retains that old look and flavor. The wooden sidewalks and wild animals roaming the streets give you a real feel of days gone by.

What better backdrop for pulling back the throttle and opening up your motorcycle along these twisty and serene highways?

You’ll find Oatman not too far from Las Vegas on US95. Exit at Highway 163 (the Laughlin turn) if you’re riding toward Needles then head east. Follow the Mohave Valley Highway out beyond Fort Mohave Town. You can then head east to Oatman for a trip back in time.

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4) Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon State Park is just 10 minutes outside Las Vegas and serves up a stretch of highway studded with tremendous views to blow up your Insta feed.

Head out from the Strip to this conservation areas packed with red sandstone rock formations. You can enjoy some rock climbing, hiking, or trail walking in this area if you fancy dismounting your motorcycle.

Take advantage of a 13-mile loop heading through the park. You can stop off at several points on your way around to get a better vantage point of the surrounding trails.

Some of the roads here are not beginner-friendly. You’ll encounter plenty of twists and turns, so take it steady if you’re not too accomplished on your iron steed. You should also keep an eye out for both pedestrians and law enforcement. The weekends are best avoided unless you embrace crowds.

5) Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Just 30 minutes from the Strip, the Spring Mountain Ranch is tucked below the Wilson range cliffs behind the Red Rock Conservation area.

Once owned by the reclusive Howard Hughes, this ranch dates back to the late 1800s. Settlers flocked to this area due to the natural springs offering a true oasis in the desert.

As with all the routes we’ve outlined today, as well as checking out a slice of history, you can also drink in the stark scenery and enjoy barreling down roads made for high speeds on two wheels.

6) Lake Mead North Shore to Valley of Fire

Another gem of a ride less than 30 minutes from Las Vegas is this loop from Lake Mead North Shore that takes you on through the state park at Valley of Fire.

Where some of the other routes we’ve covered today have been pretty quick and easy, this loop takes in a full 100 miles of roads slicing through the breathtaking state park. With lakeside views complemented by cliffside vistas that will have you constantly reaching for your camera, take a full day exploring the beauty of this meandering loop.

7) Zion National Park

Zion National Park is set outside Las Vegas but still rates a mention for its proximity to Vegas and its suitability for a quick day out.

Only you can decide whether this national park really is “the most stunning place on earth.” You certainly won’t be complaining about a lack of scenery if you head out in this direction. With over 200 square miles of canyons and cliffs, you won’t find a backdrop like this anywhere else.

Some General Pointers for Riding in Las Vegas

We could go on all day with a list of routes for riding in Las Vegas, but instead we’ll round out with some simple best practice so you can stay safe on the local roads.

  • Ensure you wear proper safety gear at all times
  • Stay hydrated in these harsh conditions
  • Wear sunscreen on any unprotected body parts
  • Take plenty of clothing to keep you warm when the sun goes down
  • Keep your eyes peeled for wild animals on the road
  • Travel at off-peak times if you want to avoid the crowds

Final Thoughts

We hope this brief glimpse at some of the best motorcycle rides in Las Vegas has tempted you to saddle up for a road trip on your trusty steed. Whether you own a motorcycle or you prefer to rent one for short trips without the hassle of ownership, you’re spoiled for choice with rides on your doorstep here in Vegas.

Drop us a line if your favorite route for riding in Las Vegas didn’t make our list and we’ll see you soon.

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