What Can You Do With An Old Car That Doesn’t Run Anymore

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The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they’re done with their old car is to sell it and, in some cases, just get done with it as soon as possible. However, most people ignore that everything holds a certain value in this world, and if you have the eye for it, then even an old non-functional car can be converted into something meaningful.

Now, if you have a car that no longer works and you’re trying to figure out just what to do with it, then you’ve come to the right place. So before you search for the best place to scrap a car near you, we suggest you spare a couple of minutes to read this article and evaluate your options before thinking of earning a quick buck.

Auction It

You might be able to recollect many occasions in your life where you must have seen paintings and different artwork sell for millions of dollars, and it didn’t make much sense to you. In fact, on some occasions, the painting might’ve looked as if a baby just played with some paint on a canvas. However, it takes an art connoisseur’s eye to rate an artwork.

Similarly, your car could also fetch you a substantial sum of money, given that you find someone who values it enough. Just like art collectors, the world is full of people who’d love to buy a car that’s no longer built by the manufacturer or holds enough value to be rated as a collector’s item. Moreover, just like wine, the older car, the better returns you could get on it. Getting a classy paint job and an interesting description with your car listing might increase the interest of potential buyers in case you do wanna go down this road.

Use It as a Fancy Storage Unit

People generally store a lot of their household stuff in their garage with dedicated cupboards. However, your old car could act as a cupboard too, albeit a slightly bigger one for that matter. Think about it. Four doors, boot space, and a bonnet combine to give you six cupboards, more or less. All you have to do is to get an expert who’d remove the seats, the engine, and all the non-essential stuff, which can later be sold for some extra cash. Next up, get a nice paint job and compartmentalize the car’s interior to gift yourself a premium storage unit!

Make Art Out of It

Remember how we talked about paintings going for millions? Well, don’t get your hopes too high, but if you do have an aptitude for making art out of nothing, then your old car might be the best project to focus your energy on. A decent artwork could still fetch you a considerable amount of money, and if you’re not willing to sell it, then there are still a lot of places that’d happily rent your creation for showcase purposes.

Donate it for a Good Cause

Your old car might not mean much to you now, but there are still a lot of people around who’d love to have your car and use it for serving others. Since your car doesn’t work anymore, make sure that you mention it before donating and check if the charity would actually work towards making it functional again. It obviously makes no sense if they end up selling it to a scrap dealer for a few bucks. Animal rescuers, charities for kids, and nursing homes are places that always welcome any kind of help that they can get. Now, if you’re wondering just what’s in it for you apart from the satisfaction of contributing to a cause, then we have a magic word for you – taxes. Yup, you read it right, taxes. Suppose one donates their vehicle to a recognized charitable organization. In that case, they become eligible to claim the car’s current market value as a tax deduction on their federal tax return. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for the mind at the price of a dime!

Convert It into an Animal Shelter

If you’re a dog person who’d love to gift a fancy home to your dog, then what better than a car that no longer works? Any decent mechanic would love to take away all the valuable stuff from your vehicle and might even offer you a few dollars for that. Next up, it’s up to you as to how much you want to customize it for your pet’s liking. In addition to that, the car could also serve as a shelter for bunnies and guinea pigs in case you own a couple of those. Converting it into a green haven with enough space to have various plants on it could also earn you some extra brownie points with your spouse!

Sell It for Parts

Now, if you didn’t like any of the options mentioned above, then contacting a scrap dealer might be your best option. Scrap dealers make a living by breaking down stuff and selling every valuable item that comes out of it. When you dispose of your mobile phone, it isn’t just crushed and treated like other disposable garbage. Mobile phones, in most cases, are broken down, and every useful material, including various metals, are collected back and are then resold for future use. Similarly, your car might not be functional as a unit but take it to a scrap dealer, and he’d probably see a gold mine walking towards him. We suggest you research a bit about your local junkyards before you zero in on one who’d offer you the best price.

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