What to Consider When Choosing a 7-Seater Vehicle

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Are you in the market for a new 7 seater SUV? If so, it’s an exciting time. Buying a car is equal parts thrilling and scary (but in a good way). There’s so many things to consider, lists to make, things to check and questions to ask. It can almost become exhausting! Luckily, we’ve put together this useful article, where we’ll dive into the big car breakdown and learn what to consider when shopping for a 7-seater vehicle. Read on to discover more.

Set a Budget

These larger vehicles are often more expensive than their smaller counterparts, simply because they are larger and therefore cost more to manufacture. So, you’ll need to set a budget to determine what make and model will suit you, as some makes may be out of reach financially. 

The easiest way to set a budget is either by taking a look at your savings and seeing how much you have to spend outright or, if you’re financing the purchase, using an online loan calculator to estimate what interest rate you’ll pay and how much your repayments will be. Either way, you should walk away from the process knowing how much you can afford to spend on a car, which will inform the makes and models you consider.

Safety Ratings

Staying safe on the road is of the utmost importance, particularly with seven-seater cars as they are often the family get-around, with all those extra seats coming in handy for sports practice, trips away and big days out. 

You’ll want to choose a car that has the highest safety rating possible. This means that the car has been tested thoroughly on how it handles emergency braking, collisions and other hazardous events. You want peace of mind when you’re driving, and choosing a car with a great safety rating is the best way to get that. 

Warranty Period

Although modern automobile manufacturing is a thing of wonder, vehicles are still made up of lots of complex moving parts. Sometimes things go wrong, and breakdowns occur. You’ll want to consider the warranty period offered by the manufacturer, which warrants the car to be free of major mechanical issues for a certain period. Ideally, you want to pick a company that has long warranty periods – five, or even seven years for instance. This means in the unlikely event of a mechanical issue, you can give the car back for free repairs during the warranty period. 

Consider Your Style and Personality 

This is the last tip, as it’s an aesthetic one – but you may want to consider if the make and models you are considering match your style and vibe. For some people, their car is an extension of yourself. For instance, some people prefer European makes, to match their lifestyle, while others are all about efficiency and choose Japanese or Korean makes. So, consider your personal preference for looks and styles. 

Last Words

There are a few things to consider when shopping for a 7 seater SUV. First, determine your budget. Next, consider safety ratings so you have peace of mind about your choice. Determine the warranty period, and finally, if it applies to you – consider your personality and style and if your shortlist matches these. Happy driving! 


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