What to Look For in an Argo Vehicle

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When it comes to powerful ATVs, an Argo is one of the most significant off-roading models on the market. These amphibious vehicles are designed to handle various terrains and activities, including hunting and ice fishing. The process of selecting an Argo includes knowing exactly what qualities make a durable, safe vehicle.

Finding the right Argo for sale involves carefully looking at each vehicle component, ensuring its running at its optimal level of performance and safety.

Multi-Terrain Capabilities

One of the most significant draws of an Argo is its ability to take drivers across multiple terrains and weather conditions. Their amphibious makeup is designed to ensure a safe driving experience, whether across mud and dirt or traveling through shallow water conditions. Passing through small lakes or rivers shouldn’t be an issue if you have a capable Argo vehicle — their custom wheels imitate motorized paddle boats in the way they push water and allow for the vehicle to move through without becoming stuck.

An Argo’s multi-terrain capabilities are what sets it apart from traditional ATVs. Their unique design leaves minimal impact on their chosen terrain, which is especially beneficial for hunters looking to minimize disruption to the ecosystems they enter. When it comes to shopping for an Argo, you want to ensure your chosen model has adequate low-ground pressure and sealed bodies to ensure they don’t leave any chemicals behind as they make their way through the terrain.

Powerful Engine

The engine of an all-terrain vehicle is its lifeblood. If an Argo doesn’t have the powerful engine it requires, drivers will be unable to make the most of the experience—and likely will encounter trouble on rugged terrains. Since there are various Argo models, there are multiple engines to fit each model’s capabilities. Some models will require a Twin Cylinder EFI Liquid Cooled Engine to adapt to rising altitudes. Others will perform best in a small Block V-Twin engine to handle demanding terrain.

Argo all-terrain vehicle

Safety First

Since Argo’s are a powerful all-terrain vehicle, safety is one of the core components buyers should look for before purchasing. Driver and passenger safety is imperative to ensure everyone is secure, whether they’re passing through high altitudes or moving through shallow waters. Argos are built in both 6×6 and 8×8 capabilities — both should operate low to the ground with stability. This will also help ensure drivers can safely maneuver through narrow or confined spaces.


The ability to customize your Argo is a quality a driver will often seek out before making a purchase. Argos are available with diesel or gasoline capabilities in many cases, allowing drivers to select their desired fuel preference. Because Argos are used for various activities—from hunting to ice fishing—several accessories are available to enhance a driver’s experience. Gas cans, trailers, and tire holders allow drivers to store necessities on their Argo, which is beneficial when driving through sparse terrains. Customizing an Argo allows drivers to adapt their vehicle to fit their unique lifestyle.

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