Why Car Shipping is the Way to Go

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Car shipping has become easier than ever. Travelers don’t need to drive their vehicles everywhere anymore, all it takes is contacting a good shipping company to ship your car wherever you go.

How does car shipping work?

Of all the things you own, your car is one of your most important possession. However, driving your car cross country for a vacation can be a hassle sometimes. Here is where car shipping steps in and takes the burden off your shoulders. No matter how far you plan to travel, a car shipping company will look after all your needs starting from picking up the car from your door to dropping it off at your desired destination, all while looking after the safety of your vehicle at all times. Customers can now even request enclosed shipping for additional safety.

Top 10 reasons why you should consider using a car shipping company

Apart from getting rid of driving your car for such long distances, car shipping also comes with a host of other benefits. So without further adieu, let us start exploring the benefits of car shipping.

1. Vehicle Protection

The first and foremost reason why you should consider hiring a car shipping company is to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Needless to say, not all cars can withstand the wear and tear of unpaved roads or long-distance travel. All that wear and tear incurs hefty maintenance costs which would Car shipping has become easier than ever. Travelers don’t need to drive their vehicles everywhere anymore, all it takes is contacting a good shipping company to ship your car wherever you go.

2. Saves you a lot of time

One of the most important factors that people consider while traveling is spending time behind the wheel. An interstate journey will require hours of driving while that might go up to days when traveling across the entire country. With car shipping companies you don’t need to worry about time anymore. Moreover, most car shipping companies nowadays are very flexible and even let customers pick a specific time when their vehicle needs to arrive at the desired location.

3. No need to plan or worry about car breakdowns anymore

Every time you take your car for a distant trip there are a lot of things you have to consider including hotel stays, meals, refueling and rest stops. Not only that, with long-distance trips there comes an added burden of vehicle breakdown, tire punctures that will seriously ruin your trip and break your spirit.

However, with car shipping companies everything is taken care of without you breaking a sweat. You can now focus on more essential aspects of your trip, or even better, enjoy your vacation to the fullest and spend time with your family.

4. You can ship multiple vehicles at the same time

An added advantage of car shipping is that it lets you ship multiple vehicles at the same time. For instance, this comes in really handy if you are a car dealer and want to ship multiple cars to a client. Apart from that, most families in the USA have more than one car, so shipping one to the place where you are heading to can be a good idea. Moreover, shipping multiple cars come with their own advantages including, higher discounts and lesser fuel usage.

5. Safe for your Family and You

Road accidents are a common mishap. People tend to hurry a lot, there always seems to be an urgency to reach a particular destination as early as possible. This leads to overspending and spending long hours behind the wheel with little to no rest. Acts like these put you and your family at risk. Apart from that, prolonged sitting can also cause intense soreness and severe back pain.

So the best way possible to avoid these is to let a car shipping company handle your vehicle, while you relax on an airplane.

6. Reliability and Professionalism

Every reputable car shipping company values its customers and has spent years earning the trust of its clients. While that may not be a case with every shipping company out there, most reputed companies hire truck drivers who have passed several various background checks and have years of experience in the field. In other words, your car is very much safe atop a trailer than hitting potholes on a dusty road. However, customers should always check before hiring a company to transport their beloved possessions.

7. Door-to-door shipping

Every delivery company or courier service picks and drops items on your doorstep and, the car shipping industry is no exception. The shipping company will send in a truck as close as possible to your home or might even pick it up from your garage without you breaking a sweat. While you comfortably plan for the trip, the company makes sure your car safely arrives at your chosen destination safely.

8. Attractive offers and discounts

Like all big companies, car shipping companies come with attractive offers and discounts. Customers can save up a lot especially in busy seasons when companies compete against each other and offer better discounts and rates to lure in more customers. All they need to do is check the rates online by entering the vehicle’s details, shipping dates, and the desired location and find the best offer.

9. Reduced insurance costs

Another benefit of car shipping is reduced insurance costs. In other words, shipping a car helps in preserving its current insurance rates. A car putting on more miles, especially on long-distance road trips could cause the premium to increase even further. Moreover, most companies provide insurance coverage when shipping the vehicle and in case of any damage to your car. However, that is rare, company workers thoroughly inspect your car after it is transported leaving no room for you to worry.

10. Shipping a car is going to save you a lot of money

Last but not the least, shipping your car is really cost-effective. While it might appear to be expensive, car shipping comes in a lot cheaper when you consider the money spent on fuel, hotel stays, repairs for your car when you drive it yourself. Apart from that, there is an added cost on repair and maintenance after the trip, after all the cost of fixing the suspensions or a new pair of tires don’t come in cheap.

Wrapping it up

All in all, shipping your car using a service like VehicleHaul.com is the best alternative for driving your car for hundreds of miles skipping sleep. And perhaps the best way to enjoy your vacation is to drive to the beach in your own car.



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