Why You Need To Call A Lawyer If You Get Involved In A Car Accident

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Unfortunately, road accidents happen from time to time. Given the driving accident statistics nowadays, you’ll be shocked at how these incidents can impact your life forever. That’s why when you’ve been involved in an accident, there are many issues you ought to deal with from start to finish. First, you have to seek medical attention if you’re injured because of the accident. And, since injuries have been inflicted, you may have the right to recover financial compensation from the at-fault party. 

Moreover, even if you believe you can handle the stress of a personal injury case, it’s, still, best to have an attorney by your side to help you with the legal aspects of your unique situation.

If you consider calling a lawyer, below are the reasons why you should do so right after the car accident. 

The Laws And Rules About Personal Injury Cases Are Complex

Ideally, you always have the option to handle your personal injury case on your own. However, there are specific instances wherein you should work with a lawyer to get a favorable outcome for your unique situation. One of these instances is when the laws and rules concerning personal injury cases are complex. 

For non-lawyers, there’s nothing simple about handling car accident cases. If you don’t have legal experience, you can’t secure a fair settlement for your injuries at the end of the negotiations. That’s why you should get represented by a legal professional, like lawyer Abercrombie. They have studied different areas of law and passed a difficult exam, so they know exactly how to navigate the laws and rules of your case while protecting your rights and interests as the injured victim. 

Negotiating With The Insurance Company Can Be Difficult

Most insurance companies are in the business of making money, which is why they tend to protect their own interests first before that of their insurers. Hence, they’ll not make the settlement process easy for you. Since you’ve been through a lot after the accident, they expect you to accept a lower offer than what you should recover based on the extent of your injuries. 

When this happens, you need a strong legal representation from a reliable lawyer. Your legal counsel will take care of all the challenges set forth by the insurance company. They will analyze the offer, consult medical experts, and determine whether the amount being offered is worth accepting or not. That way, you can ensure fair compensation for your injuries and damages. 

You Need To Determine The True Value Of Your Claim

Ideally, the computation of car accident claims can become very complicated. Aside from the physical injuries sustained, you also need to consider other damages, such as medical bills, car repairs, pain and suffering, and even missed time from work. These things can add up depending on the severity of your injuries and your circumstances. 

Because of this, it’s best to call a lawyer to help you determine the true value of your claim. They’ll make use of their knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get compensated fairly. 

Determining Who’s Liable Can Be Very Difficult

In personal injury cases, the injured victim should show proof that the other party was responsible for the car accident to recover compensation. However, the situation becomes more complicated when proving liability is very difficult. 

When this happens, you need a lawyer who knows how to make the other party liable. They’ll evaluate the circumstances of your case, consult medical experts and other professionals, and gather evidence, such as photos of the accident scene, witness testimonies, and a lot more, to strengthen your defense. Also, using the pieces of evidence gathered, they’ll come up with a good argument to show that the other party’s negligence caused your accident and injuries. 

Filing Of The Lawsuit Has A Deadline

Just like other legal matters, filing a personal injury lawsuit comes with a deadline. This is also known as the statutes of limitations. Generally, the statutes of limitations for personal injury cases vary from one state to another. Hence, you should check out your state’s statutes of limitations for personal injury cases so you’ll know when the lawsuit should be filed. 

For instance, when you file the case beyond the time limit, you’ll never be able to get compensation for your injuries and other damages. To avoid this complication, talk to a lawyer after your car accident to ensure that you know what your legal rights are and that your lawsuit has been filed before the deadline expires.  

Dealing With A Trial Litigation Can Be Challenging

While most cases can be settled through settlement, some lawsuits proceed to trial litigation. When this happens, you should hire a lawyer to navigate the trial correctly. Typically, facing trial litigation comes with specific paperwork and legal procedures. 

Fortunately, by using your legal counsel’s skills and courtroom expertise, you can defend your rights in court and guarantee fair and just compensation for your injuries. They can assess your situation, identify your case’s strengths and weaknesses, and create a solid defense strategy. That way, you can rest, knowing that your trial litigation will turn out in your favor. 

Doing The Case Alone Can Cause You A Lot Of Financial Troubles

Unless you’re a legal expert yourself, you probably don’t know how to handle a personal injury case correctly. Although you’re able to represent yourself and get compensated, having a lawyer may have provided you with a better outcome. 

Typically, handling the case on your own can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Instead of paying attention to your recovery, you’re forced to face a legal battle without adequate weapons. That’s why you should opt to contact a lawyer who can assist you. With them on your side, they’ll protect you and make sure that you have higher chances of recovering the compensation that’s right for you. 

Bottom Line

Indeed, getting involved in a car accident is something anyone doesn’t want to experience. But, no matter how careful you are in driving, accidents can still happen. Thankfully, even if you’re injured, you can get your life back by fighting for your rights against the at-fault party. You can do this by working closely with a lawyer to get the help that you need. 

Therefore, if you’ve been hurt in a car accident, keep these points in mind so you’ll know very well the importance of calling a lawyer right after what happened. 

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